Domestic Violence. домашнее насилие.

Domestic Violence. домашнее насилие. In any language it’s a reality and a tragedy for thousands of victims, mostly women, but also men and children. In 2014-15 sister cities, Rochester, NY and Velikiy Novgorod, Russia, engaged in a year-long exchange on domestic violence (DV) in the United States and Russia. The exchange was funded by a US Department of State grant to Linkages through the US Russia Peer to Peer Dialogue Program. Linkages is the not-for-profit organization in Rochester, NY that has sponsored the sister city relationship in the US since 1990.

One of the results of the year-long exchange was the production of a video about domestic violence in both societies and about the project which was designed to increase understanding of DV and improve community supports to victims in both cities. The English version of the video was released in 2015; the Russian version was recently completed at the end of 2016 and is now ready for release. The project and the video are especially relevant at this point in time as the Russian Federation Duma (parliament) voted in January 2017 to decriminalize certain forms of domestic violence ( and the current administration in Washington considers defunding Violence against Women Act (VAWA) programs in the USA (

The Russian language version of the video is available on YouTube at

The English version may be viewed at _.



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