Linkages on channel 31

Linkages and the Peer to Peer program was featured in an interview on Fox Rochester, channel 31, Wednesday March 11 2015.

I am not sure how long this link will last…

They interviewed Linkages board member Barbara LeSavoy and Allison O’Malley of RESOLVE regarding the Linkages trip to Velikiy Novgorod – leaving soon! The Linkages group – 5 professors/professionals and 4 students (?) will exchange views with their peers in Velikiy Novgorod concerning domestic violence.  The trip is funded by a grant from Peer to Peer, from the US embassy in Moscow.  This is a followup to a visit to Rochester by a Novgorod group last October.

Barbara LeSavoy, PhD
Director, Women and Gender Studies
The College at Brockport, State University of New York

Allison D. O’Malley
Executive Director

an earlier interview on WROC:
The Peer to Peer Dialogue project was featured in a news story 2/26 on WROC 11pm news. The station contacted Alli O’Malley (Safe Journey program director and one of the members of the group traveling to Novgorod in March). She told the reporter about project, the trip to Russia and the course on DV being offered in the Social Work Department at Brockport. That resulted in an interview with Debra Fromm Faria and one of the students. The link to the news feature and a transcript of the interview is below:

a bit about Linkages:

Dick and Nancy Fitts started Linkages in the mid-1980s to promote peaceful relations between the citizens of the US and RUssia. It took until 1990 to establish communication between citizens in Rochester and Velikiy Novgorod and for the two city administrations to approve a sister city agreement.
The teachers exchange was started in the early 1990s and and has been operating continuously for 22. In 1998 the Partnership for Children was initiated. The most recent partnerships, Substance Abuse Prevention, Elder Services  and Women’s Issues were established in the early 2000s.

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