Linkages Awarded US-Russia Peer to Peer Dialogue Grant

Linkages of Rochester has learned that its application to the US-Russia Peer to Peer Dialogue program has been selected for funding. The program, administered by the US Embassy in Moscow, offers opportunities for Russian and American organizations to team up to work on projects of mutual importance and interest to both societies. Linkages will partner with the Family Center in Rochester’s sister city, Velikiy Novgorod to address a prevalent social problem in both US and Russian society: domestic violence. Over a one year period professionals, students and individuals whose lives have been affected by domestic violence will compare approaches and programs that can prevent domestic violence and that can offer hope for a life free from violence to victims. The year-long dialogue will take place through videoconferencing, e-mail and other long distance communications. The project will also include two in-person exchanges. A group from Velikiy Novgorod will visit Rochester in October and an American group will visit Novgorod in spring 2015. Other partners in the project include Novgorod State University and the College at Brockport.

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