Breton Dancing and a C47 Returns to Rennes

**** From our sister-sister-cities program *****
PUBLICITY_CITY_HALL_CONCERT_For_Ray_And_Mike_2_(2) fest_noz_2014_(1)Dear Friends,
This Friday, April 25th, the Rennes-Rochester Sister City Committee (RRSCC) in partnership with the Alliance Française will be hosting a Concert at City Hall from 12:00 – 1:30 PM by the Rochester Franco-American Choir in honor of the soldiers that fought and died in Normandy almost 70 years ago. With the D-Day anniversary rapidly approaching, our committee has also linked up with the National Warplane Museum in Geneseo. Their C-47 troop transport that once dropped paratroopers on St. Mere-Eglise will be leaving again from Geneseo in mid-May to take part in D-Day celebrations, including again dropping paras over Normandy on June 6th. More info can be found at their website at
Our committee has asked the museum to extend their trip to Brittany. They have agreed to fly over and stop in Rennes on June 9th as guests of the Aeroclub de Rennes. Eric Beaty, my counterpart in Rennes, has cleared the decks to make this happen. He told me today that the mayors of Rennes and St. Jacques-de-la-Lande will be there to personally greet the pilot and her crew. He and his committee expect hundreds to be at the airport.
We are raising $3,000 to cover fuel and flight expenses. Thirty people at $100 each can get this done tomorrow. All donations, regardless of size, are tax-deductible, freely accepted and much appreciated. Please forward your check, made out to ISCOR and earmarked for the Return to Rennes to Mike Leach at City Hall, located at 30 Church Street in Rochester 14614.
That isn’t the end. At Nazareth College from 7:30-9:30 PM, the RRSCC will be co-hosting Fest Noz, an evening of Breton dancing. Information on that affair is attached and we urge everyone to celebrate with us. Please RSVP to Hannah Berry at (There is still time…)
Both Hannah and Dr. Mireille Le Breton, board members of the RRSCC, have done a superlative job in putting both programs together. Our thanks to them cannot be expressed enough. Dr. Le Breton also heads up the Maison Francaise and the Alliance Francaise of Rochester.
We look forward to seeing you this Friday and we thank you for your continued support.
Ray Griswold
Rennes-Rochester Sister City Committee

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